I had the pleasure last night of participating in a Chicago book group that was discussing my novel. The conversation was interesting and fun. I learned a few things about my book! I would be happy to participate in other reading group discussions. I’m pleased to see that my book is getting good reviews on Amazon and other sites.

“Buy this book… And then, take the afternoon and evening off, turn off all your devices that ping and submerse yourself inside this compelling story. Beautiful and terrifying at once. Gorgeous lines, one after another. Thank you, Susan Miller, for this moving, deeply human novel. Evocative dialogue and imagery. Besides a narrative on how to grow back after civil war and genocide, this is a story of working one’s way home, so to speak, after devastating trauma. Miller is not only a masterful writer, but an artist who gives us permission to travel to some other territory beyond love and grief. A Beautiful Land will help you feel more alive.”
–Carole Symer, author of Glint (Amazon reviewer)
A Beautiful Land