It is wonderful to see the western world opening arms and hearts to the vast numbers of Ukrainian refugees. That compassion and assistance is badly needed by displaced and traumatized people. Watching the river of refugees admitted into Ukraine's neighboring countries, as well as the huge financial outlays from the US and offers of resettlement, my thoughts turn to the streams of Central American refugees destined for capture and subsequently treated with contempt and a cynical attitude toward their applications for asylum.   Why are these refugees considered unwelcome invaders and, once in custody, treated like prisoners? The majority of [...]

Recollections of Trauma

Mothers trail winter scarves and leashes and slow-walk exhausted children while mounting bus stairs not knowing where their journey will take them, carrying shock, grief, and most likely hatred in their hearts but profoundly relieved to be safe and their children protected from the bombing. The observer's heart breaks for them and spins in grief and shock over yet another tragedy we humans have wrought for ourselves. In some respects these emotions of the riveted bystander are simple. Sympathy is simple. Decrying evil and crying out for decency is simple. But society, recollection, and sentiment seldom are simple. As [...]

Reading Groups

I had the pleasure last night of participating in a Chicago book group that was discussing my novel. The conversation was interesting and fun. I learned a few things about my book! I would be happy to participate in other reading group discussions. I'm pleased to see that my book is getting good reviews on Amazon and other sites. Published by Emily Hitchcock  · March 21 at 2:53 PM  · "Buy this book... And then, take the afternoon and evening off, turn off all your devices that ping and submerse yourself inside this compelling story. Beautiful and terrifying at once. Gorgeous lines, one after [...]

On blogging

This is my first effort at a blog post so I am a bit anxious. Noting that, and being a clinical psychologist, I thought I would reflect a bit on anxiety and the writing process. Anxiety often results from fears of being exposed as foolish, untalented, presumptuous or having some other flaw of character or performance. We may not identify what’s making us anxious but if we do and it’s something about us that might not look okay when seen by others, it’s a straight shot from such exposure to shame, a topic I’ve written quite a lot about [...]

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