Radical rightwing assault on female reproductive liberty has grown like a pustule on the American body politic and is ready to release its toxins far and wide. This ugly growth explodes from the confluence of deep desires to control women’s reproduction and limitless greed for power. Votes translate to muscle in Washington DC so the powers that be are more than happy to feign an achingly principled objection to abortion if that posture opens the spigots for rightwing money flowing into their re-election coffers–since re-election (by whatever means necessary) is the ONLY currency of any worth. Dressing themselves in this “principled” stance is personally painless for our radically rightwing politicians because it comes with the fringe benefit of enforcing societal authority over female bodies (always a pleasure). Perhaps the deepest irony is that those who trumpet their anti-abortion, no-right-of-privacy views are in a faint at the infringement of personal liberty that a mask represents. I know there are people out there who truly care about pregnancy termination in its own right and I wish them no ill will, but I see no evidence that among them are our radically rightwing judges or the legislators now tripping over themselves to be the first to the microphone to assert the sanctity of life.