Along with many others, I have been very concerned about efforts to restrict voting rights throughout the country. In Michigan, where I live, a number of organizations are teaming up to try to place a measure on the November ballot that will enshrine critical voting rights in the State Constitution. I am working with Voters Not Politicians, the group that made a tremendous effort to pass Proposal 2, which ended partisan gerrymandering in Michigan by creating an independent citizens redistricting commission. Also involved with the current effort is the ACLU, which worked successfully to pass Promote the Vote into law in 2018, the League of Women Voters, Detroit Disability Power and quite a few other organizations, listed below. The new measure—Promote the Vote 2022—goes farther than the 2018 amendment in protecting voting rights. It guarantees the following basic rights for Michigan voters:

  • Make voting a fundamental right in Michigan’s Constitution in order to protect voters from harassment, intimidation, and interference
  • Allow voters to request a mailed absentee ballot one time and get a ballot for every future election. Submit absentee ballots using secure drop boxes
  • Vote early, in person, 9 days before an election
  • Provide clerks access to state-funded postage for absentee applications and ballots; provide secure drop boxes and ballot tracking
  • Enshrine the current ID affidavit process in the constitution to protect this option if voters do not have their ID when they cast their ballot
  • Require election audits to be conducted in public by state and county election officials
  • Require that election results be certified by Boards of Canvassers based solely on votes cast
  • Allow for charitable and in-kind donations—with public disclosure–to pay for elections and audits
The first goal of the campaign is to get well over 425,000 petition signatures which must be validated in order for Promote the Vote 2022 to be presented to the voters on the November ballot. It’s a big job but one that can be completed. I am excited to participate in the effort as a team leader.
We need volunteers to circulate petitions. It’s fun and very rewarding, because we will be working for such an important voting rights measure.
Participating Organizations

➔ Voters Not Politicians
➔ Promote the Vote
➔ ACLU of Michigan
➔ League of Women Voters of MI
➔ APIA Vote
➔ Detroit Action
➔ Detroit Disability Power
➔ Grand Rapids PROACTIVE
➔ LGBT Detroit
➔ Equality Michigan